About us

UAScience.reload is an initiative of Ukrainian scholars from all over the world. It emerged as a response to the brutal russian invasion. We aim to raise the awareness of the global community to the threats that Ukrainian scholars experience and get help to those who need it. 

We appreciate all the support from the institutions and investigators around the globe hosting Ukrainian researchers who had to and could flee due to this war; however, there are many more who stay in Ukraine. 

Our main message – we need to act fast to support researchers who remain active in Ukraine. This is a global short-term aim: to bring remote research positions, digital fellowships, and other kinds of urgent support. Our group is ready to assist with any questions and procedures in this regard.  


It is clear that this war will be over and Ukrainian science along with the whole country, will require a fresh start.  This will include mid- and long-term programs of different scales (recovery funds,  returning experts programs etc.) Our initiative group has experts who are ready to work on these questions as well. 

We believe that Ukrainian science will be successfully preserved, reloaded, and updated. 

You can contact us if you are looking for verified information regarding science-related aspects of the russian-Ukrainian war, expertise in the scientific system of Ukraine, and the needs of Ukrainian scholars.


Our contact persons are (but not limited to):

Dr. Yuriy Khalavka, Head of the Department of General Chemistry and Chemistry of Materials, Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University  [email protected]

Yulia Bezvershenko Visiting scholar, Ukrainian Emerging Leaders Program, CDDRL, Stanford University – [email protected]

Veronika Romero, Senior Laboratory SpecialistUniversity of Utah Health –  [email protected]

Iryna Yehorchenko, Senior Researcher Institute of Mathematics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine  [email protected]